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Top 9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Part 3

There might be times when you are down, when you feel you are losing self-esteem, those are the moments you need your partner the most. But what if your partner is the reason for such stressful situations. What if instead of pulling you out of stressful situations, they push you into these situations. It is critical to identify such “Red Flags” and reconsider your relationship if this happens:

7) Losing respect, esteem and worth for your own self

When your partner keeps pushing you into stressful situations. You lose confidence and stop doing things that made you happy, eventually settling down for the person you don’t deserve – your toxic partner.

Amit – I am meeting my college friends today for Poker tonight. I don’t care if you don’t like them, just be there.

Anjali – Why do you keep forcing me to meet your guy friends. They always seem to ignore me and not include me in any conversations.

8) Lies & Dishonesty

When you are scared about the consequences if you ever tell them the truth that you are pushed to lie about your whereabouts, details of your encounters and future engagements just in order to escape their endless questions and the fights that ensue.

Anjali – Are you free for dinner tomorrow?

Amit – <Thinking> <If I tell that I am going to meet my school friend Shruti, she will just go berserk and I’ll have to instead cancel the plan> No, I have to spend over time at the office tomorrow.

9) Your partner conveniently forgets your schedule

You need to reconsider if your partner keeps forgetting the dates important to you (such as your birthday, anniversary), or if they keep ignoring your work/personal schedule while planning dates, events, etc.

Anjali – Hey, I am feeling bored. I have booked tickets to “Wonder Woman” in the evening at 6. Just be there on time.

Amit – Hey, I told you that I have my weekly meetings with the manager on Wednesday evening. Why do you keep forgetting it every other week?

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