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Withdrawal method of natural birth control

What is Withdrawal Method?

Withdrawal/pull out method is a natural contraception technique. It's not an effective way of preventing pregnancy, but it's still better than no contraception at all. 

In this method, the man pulls out his penis right before he is about to ejaculate. This prevents the flow of sperm in the vagina. The men must not ejaculate the fluids near the pelvic region of the women.


It is advised to pee before having sex so as to clear any earlier sperms already present in urethra. Also, use a spermicide just to be more safe as men may pre-ejaculate (also called pre-cum) and this fluid may have sperms from your last intercourse.


Effectiveness: 78%

How long does it Last: Not applicable

Cost: Free

Where to Buy: Natural method

STD Protection: No

Safe During Pregnancy: Yes

Side Effects: 

  • Not always effective, can result in unplanned pregnancy

  • Contracting STDs

  • Men may not pull out in the heat of the moment

When to Avoid: 

  • During fertile period of menstrual cycle in women

  • In cases of STD of either partner


In case of failure of withdrawal, use emergency contraception. Do not use emergency contraception as a regular contraception.

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