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The most common form of sex is Vaginal Sex. It is penetrative sexual intercourse where the penis enters the vagina. Average penetrative sex lasts for seven to thirteen minutes and it mostly ends when a man ejaculates. Vaginal sex can lead to pregnancy if proper contraception is not used.

Benefits of Vaginal Sex

  • Sex reduces body tension and mental stress

  • Sex improves immunity of the body

  • Sex improves the flow of hormones and thus increases libido

  • It reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer

  • It relives women of menstrual pain

  • Sex improves the physical, mental and emotional connect between the partners

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Improves self image of a person

Different positions of vaginal sex

When to Avoid Vaginal Sex

Sex is one of the most natural thing, and hence, avoiding it is not always easy, but sometimes, special caution should be taken to avoid it:

  • Sex should always be performed with the consent of both the partners. If either partner is not willing, don't force. Also, consent under the influence of alcohol or due to mental pressure or emotional imbalance is not counted as consent.

  • If the partner has an STI and they are undergoing a treatment for it

  • If the pelvic region has some infection or cuts/wounds/sores/blisters

  • Avoid unprotected sex if you don't want to have a child

  • Avoid sex right after childbirth/miscarriage/abortion

  • If you are pregnant, always consult with your doctor before engaging in vaginal sex

Tips to follow during Vaginal Sex

  • Communicate with your partner about their likes and dislikes

  • Be patient, because it takes time to understand each other's body and ensure a good sexual experience

  • Maintain physical affection. Even if you’re tired, tense, or upset about the problem, engaging in kissing and cuddling is essential for maintaining an emotional and physical bond.

  • Use a good quality lubricant to overcome vaginal dryness and reduce friction and pain during sex. 

  • Avoid using vaseline and oils as lubricant along with condom as they may impact the latex quality

  • Try different positions to avoid boredom

  • Try different locations of your house like kitchen, bed, sofa, bathroom etc

  • Use your fantasies to make sex exciting

  • Be playful and creative

  • Use sex toys

  • Watch porn together with your partner to bring excitement in sex

  • Even during penetration, touch other parts of body like chest/neck etc. Kiss your partner in between

  • Maintain eye contact during sex

  • Don't be in a rush for orgasm, enjoy the act

  • Try different rhythms that your partner enjoys

Facts about Vaginal Sex

Vaginal Sex Positions

Sex doesn't go by book, even though we have an Indian book called "Kamasutra" to identify some exotic sexual position. Sex is about experimenting with your partner and doing what feels comfortable, pleasurable and right. So even though we can't cover it all, here are some common sex positions that are easy and pleasurable:

  • MISSIONARY: This is the most common and one of the most convenient sex positions. The woman lies down on her back and spreads her legs, while the man is on top of her and his legs are in between hers. You can get creative with this position by keeping the legs on the man’s shoulder or crisscrossed on his back for better penetration and greater pleasure.

missionary position of vaginal sex
  • THE COWGIRL POSITION: As the name suggests, it requires the female to climb on top of the man while he lays down on his back. You need to move your body back and forth to thrift it against each other. For better penetration, you can move up and down. The woman can get playful and touch the man with her hands from the back and can touch his testicles and run her hand all over his body.

cowgirl position of vaginal sex
  • SPOONING: This requires both of you to lie down sideways, while the man hugs the woman from behind. In this position the man has more ability to caress different parts of the woman’s body. The clitoris is also more easily accessible. This is an exciting position especially because vaginal and clitoral orgasm can be combined.

spooning position (vaginal sex)
  • THE CHAIR: In general, sex tends to be practiced on bed. Still changing the place helps to make the experience more exciting. Having sex on a chair is easy to perform and is a pleasurable position. The position is simple: the man sits on the chair while the woman straddles him on top. This has many benefits as it allows direct eye contact and the genitals are constantly touching. Face to face kissing is usually performed to make it more exciting. The woman can also face the other side with her back facing her man. This position allows deeper penetration as well.

chair position (vaginal sex)
  • THE DOG STYLE: In this position, the woman gets down on all fours by bending her knees with her hands on the bed and the man can penetrate her from behind. This position can be used during anal sex as well.

The dog style position (vaginal sex)
  • THE CUSHION RIPPER: This is an extension to the doggy style. The cushion ripper is performing doggy style on the sofa or the couch. This is also one of the simplest positions. This involves the woman lying over the side of the couch but with her lower half off of the couch. Her hip rests on the arm of the couch and she is able to keep her feet on the floor. In this position, the penetration is pleasant for the woman and is also comfortable for the man.

cushion ripper position (vaginal sex)
  • THE SEE SAW: This is one of the harder sex positions and is usually performed after some experience. The see-saw consists of sitting together with your partner, face to face with your legs crossed but your genitals touching. The arms are kept behind each other and the pelvis is tilted. This allows the body to be curved lightly backwards.

The see saw position (vaginal sex)

An important aspect of trying out different sex positions is safety. Use contraceptives to prevent infections and unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, it is important to be careful while trying new positions as they can cause injuries.

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