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Sex toys are toys which are used for pleasure during the sexual act or masturbation. Sometimes, sex toys are also used to treat erectile dysfunction or such sexual diseases. There are over a thousand types of sex toys available in the market. You can choose yours according to the type that suits you the best or according to the kind of stimulation you want or the person with whom you want to share the experience. Using or not using sex toys is a personal choice and it's ok either way.

The sex toys can be for individual use; they’re also used by some couples to enhance their sex life.

Benefits of Sex Toys

  • It is commonly used by people to achieve orgasm

  • Sex toys are used by gay/lesbian couples to have a more holistic and pleasurable sexual experience

  • It helps you feel good about your body, reduces stress and induces quality sleep

  • It helps in treating sexual disorders

  • Using sex toys improves your sexual relationship with the partner​

Safety measures with Sex Toys

  • Do not share unclean sex toys as this can increase the spread of STIs

  • If you are sharing sex toys, either clean them properly or put a new condom on it

  • If you are using sex toys for anal sex, use a generous quantity of lubrication

  • Do not put the toy in the vagina after it has been in the anus. The anal bacterias can cause vaginitis if they enter the vagina. Always clean it up or use a new condom to cover it before inserting it in the vagina

  • Water-based lubricants are the best match for any sex toy

  • Check if you are allergic to the material that the toy is made up from

How to clean a Sex Toy

  • Use mild soap and water to wash your toy after each use or before sharing with someone. Keep it in a clean and dry place

  • Put a fresh condom every-time you use the toy to avoid STD/STIs

Types of Sex toys available - belt, vibrator, dildo, bdsm gear, butt plugs

Types of Sex Toys

There is a huge variety in the market when it comes to sex toys. Few of them are: cock rings, vibrators, dildos , kegelcizers, anal plugs and cones, BDSM gear, pumps, sleeves, dolls and other accessories. Let's cover some of the common ones in details here:

DILDOS: These are used for penetration and the sensation of fullness. Dildos are made from all sorts of materials and are generally shaped to look like penises. Dildos are easy to clean and are long lasting. It is available in glass too, which is durable and hygienic but is rigid. This is why many people are attracted to silicone rubbers or jellies which feel more like skin, even though their tiny pores trap germs and ooze toxins.  As these sex toy companies are not regulated by FDA, the material used may or may not be body safe. Sometimes, materials that are carcinogens or teratogens may be used, and thus, it is suggested to cover them with a condom while using them. After usage, wash them again and store in a dry and clean place.

Various shapes and sizes of dildos

VIBRATORS: Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes. They are mostly battery operated. To use them, you just simply push the button and move it around. Sometimes you might have to twist the nozzle and the toy will start shaking intensely. Vibrators were originally designed as a medical device to treat hysteria, which we now call ‘sexual dissatisfaction’. Treating hysteria involved using the vibrators in order to massage the woman to orgasm. Vibrators are fashioned differently nowadays. The classic versions of vibrators are: the wand, rabbit pearl, magic bullet, butterfly. You can also get advancements like the sleek vibrator, vaginal vibrator, clitoral vibrator, ok ring vibrator , cell phone app vibrator, desktop ornament vibrator.


PUMPS: These pumps are made for penises, vulvas, breasts, nipples and anuses. It creates a suction in the area and increases blood flow, which is sexually pleasurable.

ANAL TOYS: Common anal toys are prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal beads and cones. The anal cones are set on their bases and then the anus is lowered onto them. The further down you sit, the more it spreads the anus and some even vibrate. Prostate massagers are variations of medical devices which have been turned into sex toys. They are devised to fit into the anus with a finger like curve pressing on the prostate and another curve pressing on the perineum. Anal beads are especially prone to germs because the chords between the beads are like rectal bacteria runways. It is a one-time use product. The beads go inside the anus one after the other and come out the same way. The pace can be adjusted according to preference.  Dildos can also be used for anal sex.

MOLDS: These are also called sleeves, strokers, male masturbators, artificial vagina, mouth or anuses depending upon the shape of the mold. The most popular among them is called the ‘The Fleshlight’. It is supposed to look like a flashlight in order to make it discreet.

It is easy to use all you need to do is follow few steps: remove the cap, remove the sleeve, soak in warm water or run the stream through the middle for about five minutes until it feels more like warm flesh. Apply lubricant, on the outside and a little on the inside, then insert it into the container and insert your penis in the opening. The elongated part is for your hand or your partners hand to move the sleeve back and forth on the shaft. After use: rinse with water and set out to dry.

BDSM GEAR: There are numerous bondage sex toys, like handcuffs, spreaders, paddles and canes.

BDSM gear/Handcuffs
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