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Tubectomy as a contraceptive/birth control method


What is Tubectomy?

Tubectomy is the surgical procedure to cut/seal the fallopian tubes in women. This prevents pregnancy by preventing the egg from travelling down to the uterus through the fallopian tube. The released egg is naturally absorbed into the woman's body.

It doesn't impact the hormones or the menstruation cycle.
It is a non-reversible solution and once done, a woman cannot conceive naturally.

Sometimes, it's required to remove the fallopian tube completely, this is called a salpingectomy.


Effectiveness: Almost 100%(with very rare exceptions)

How long does it Last: Lasts for a lifetime and is mostly irreversible


Cost: INR 15,000 onwards for one procedure. Some of the family planning government hospitals even pay women (below poverty line) to get this procedure done.

Where to Buy: Performed in the hospital by a doctor

STD Protection: No

Safe During Pregnancy: Yes

Side Effects: 

  • Improper healing leading to infections

  • Reaction to anaesthesia

  • Continued pelvic pain

  • Nausea

  • If the procedure fails and you get pregnant, the resulting pregnancy is generally ectopic in nature

When to Avoid: 

  • In case of previous pelvic/abdominal surgery episodes

  • Diabetes

  • History of pelvic inflammatory disease

  • Obesity


A woman can still conceive using assisted reproduction technology like IVF.

Tubectomy procedure/surgery for birth control/contraception
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