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Cervical cap as a contraceptive/birth control


What is a Cervical Cap?

Cervical cap is a silicone cup used along with spermicide (gel or cream). It is inserted into the vagina and is placed over the cervix to prevent the sperms from entering the uterus. Cervical caps can be used safely at home. 

It is an every time use solution and if you want a child, simply stop wearing the cap.

Effectiveness: 92-96% when used along with spermicide

How long does it Last: Cervical cap can be used multiple times. After each use, wash it with soap and warm water.
You need to leave the cervical cap inside the vagina for at least 6 hours (or at max 48 hours) after sex. You need to fill it again with spermicide if you have sex 3 hours after the cap is inserted. Do not take out the cap before 6 hours, if you want to apply more spermicide, apply it directly inside the vagina.

It's time to replace a cervical cap if it starts leaking or has developed odour or if you have developed an STI or vaginal infection. Immediately replace the cap in this case. Otherwise, replace it every 2 years.


Cost: Price starts at INR 17000 per cap

Where to Buy: Available in Pharmacy and Health centres, but sold only on a prescription by a doctor

STD/STI Protection: No

Safe During Pregnancy: No

Side Effects: 

  • Allergy to silicone

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge and redness

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

When to Avoid: 

  • Avoid use during menstrual cycle

  • Allergy of either partner to silicone

  • In cases of STD/STIs

  • History of Toxic Shock Syndrome


Wait for 6 weeks after childbirth to use your cervical cap again.

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