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Sex is an integral part of life but it gets monotonous after a certain point. There can be multiple reasons for same:

  • The familiarity of the person and the act

  • As humans age, the hormones production decreases and the sex drive reduces

  • The lack of communication amongst couples about their likes and dislikes in bed

  • The lack of knowledge about how to improvise

  • Certain medical conditions and their treatments can also reduce sex drive

Having a healthy sexual relationship is critical for a couple's mental, emotional and physical health.

There are multiple things a couple can try to enhance their sexual experience.


Premature ejaculation is the most common problem for not lasting long during sex. It is considered as a sexual dysfunction when the ejaculation takes places within minutes of arousal. It may not necessarily be because of a problem in the genitalia. It can also be because of psychological or emotional reasons. It can get frustrating after a point, and it can affect your sex life. If this becomes a major issue in your sex life, it is important to seek medical advice from a professional.

Some methods to try to last longer during intercourse are:


  • BREATHE: It is very important for you to breathe properly while having sex. Holding your breath can make the orgasm to occur faster. Maintaining a certain level of calm and relaxation in your body is key to controlling your orgasm. Try breathing deeply right down into your pelvis and exhale: it helps to experience the effects of the arousal throughout your body.


  • COMMUNICATION: Talk to your partner about it, especially if you are having thoughts about changing the approach to sex or are nervous about something. Expressing your anxiety and talking about your stress can drastically reduce the amount of pressure you feel when you are with your partner.


  • EXERCISING: Working out adjusts circulation and maintains functionality in your body. Exercises like dead lifts, hip thrusts and squats may be helpful for building stamina.


  • EDGING: Edging is the name assigned to a practice where you masturbate alone and wait until you're about to ejaculate, stop and start again. Draw back and start again. This will help you control your ejaculatory timing. Practicing this may help you last longer.


  • MASTURBATION: Masturbating an hour or two prior to having sex may also increase your ejaculatory timing. However, this needs to be tried to decide whether its effective because sometimes masturbating before sex can also cause premature ejaculation.

If none of these methods help, you should seek medical help from a professional. It is important to be open and tell the professional in detail about the problem. You could also try out some aphrodisiacs, after consulting a medical professional, in order to improve the sexual performance.



Sexual injuries, like most other accidents, happen when we least expect them. Most of these injuries are due to experimentation, carelessness or through no fault of the partners because it might have been unexpected. About 6 in 10 people have experienced an injury during sex. These injuries can damage your sexual confidence as well as how you communicate and perform in the relationship. This is why learning about the ways to avoid injuries during sex is one of the most important aspects of having a healthy and happy sexual relationship.

Some tips to avoid sexual injury are:

  • Avoid the doggy style position. This may disappoint a lot of couples but a large number of penile fractures that occur in most men has been found to be caused because of the doggy style position. While some men and women find the doggy style position really pleasurable, it’s recommended that you avoid this position. You can discover safer positions which are comfortable for both the partners.
    Settle on positions with your partner which are most likely to not cause injuries like the missionary style position or the spooning position.


  • Make sure you go slow whenever you have sex. Unfortunately, most people’s sexual knowledge base comes from either pornography or the internet and most people assume that fast intercourse is the way to enjoy intercourse. If you are looking to avoid injury then you may want to go slowly initially and then progressively increase the pace with time. This is preferred because not only does it build anticipation while you are having sex, but it also increases the length of your sexual session.

  • Make sure that the vagina/penis/anus is well lubricated. Lack of lubrication on the penis or in the vagina could cause uncomfortable penetration. Men take less time to get aroused but women take a lot more time and stimulation to get there. This is why focusing on the basics here is important: focus on longer foreplay. The longer you engage in foreplay, the higher will be the likelihood that the woman is going to be completely lubricated wherever penetration is attempted.

  • Avoid inserting any random foreign object in the vagina or the anus. Some couples are fascinated with the insertion of certain foreign objects into the vagina or the anus and sometimes people ignore how delicate these organs really are. If the person is not well lubricated, or the partner does not know what he/she is doing, chances of sexual injuries are greater. Vaginal tears are very common especially with penetrating foreign objects when the vagina is not well lubricated.

In case you get injured, make sure that you follow these steps:

Whenever penile fracture occurs or a vaginal/anal tear occurs, it is important to remember to put ice on the body parts which are injured. Then take a painkiller so that you can reduce the pain associated with the injury. Lastly you will have to head to the doctor as soon as possible. These are emergency situations which need immediate treatment.

Avoid having rough sex. The rougher the sex, higher is the likelihood for a possible injury.

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