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Anal sex involves sexual penetration into the anus. Penetration can be made using penis or fingers or the tongue. Sex toys are also preferred, like dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. Although anal sex is most common among homosexual gay couples, many heterosexual couples also enjoy it. It adds an exciting element to their sex life. Anal sex is not as simple and it requires some planning and preparation.

Is Anal Sex Safe?

A very common question indeed !

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, anal sex is totally safe unless the sperm somehow gets into the vaginal canal (avoid inserting penis in vagina after anal sex). Anal sex is not safe against sexually transmitted infections. There is a higher chance for the spread of various STIs through the anal route as compared to the vaginal route. So, it is important to always use a mechanical barrier like a condom while indulging in anal intercourse.


What is Rimming?

Rimming is licking, sucking or kissing of the anus with the tongue. It also includes penetrating the anus with the tongue. In short, it could be referred as “oral sex performed on the anus”. With rimming, both the partners can explore anal sex. It will help both the partners with sexual arousal as well as sexual pleasure, with no pain at all. It is also comparatively safer than penetrative anal sex.

Is Anal Sex Painful?

Whether anal sex hurts or not depends on how it is performed. If you do it right with the right pace and position, it can feel great. 

It is very common to feel a little discomfort in the beginning . It's always best to start with a finger or smaller sex toys and work your way upto a penis. Always use a lot of lubrication (a lot of it) along with a condom to avoid pain. If the pain and discomfort continues, it is better to abstain from anal sex for a while.

Is it Normal to Bleed During Anal Sex?

A little bleeding commonly occurs during the first time. In case the bleeding does not stop, make sure to see your doctor as the penetration might have been a little rough or the bleeding could be because of an underlying condition.

Does Defecation occur during Anal Sex?

A lot of people believe that due to the force of penetration into the anus, it may cause them to defecate. Anal sex may give some people a sensation which could feel like the defecation reflex but it is not a concern because defecation will not occur during intercourse. However, it’s always safer to defecate before anal sex.

Douching-Is it Safe?

Douching is the act of washing your anus or flushing it with water to clean it. It is also commonly known as enema. Douching is not a mandatory act before anal sex but it provides better hygiene. There are some risks involved : If you douche too much, you may damage the inner lining of anus, making it susceptible to infections. The general way of cleaning the anus is sufficient. However, if you want to douche to just be precautious, use douching products. You can find the douching products in most drug stores and pharmacies.

Various sex postions

Facts about Anal Sex

Anal sex is the most risky form of sex, due to multiple reasons:

  • There is no natural lubrication in the anus and the skin is very thin. Thus, whenever a penetration is made, it can easily lead to anal fissure (the tear of tissues)causing pain and open cracks

  • An open wound/tissue tear can be a ground for bacterias to thrive

  • It can also lead to easy spread of STIs

  • Anal sex can lead to weakening of anal sphincter (muscles that control the release of stool)

  • Oral sex on anus can be unhygienic and cause oral problems

Things to Consider During Anal Sex

Anal sex can be a phenomenal experience and opportunity to spice up your sex life and also get emotionally closer to your partner. Here are certain important tips to follow:

  • Always remember to take consent before trying it

  • The sexual positions are similar to vaginal sex positions

  • A person who’s about to get penetrated should be completely relaxed during anal sex. If he/she is not mentally relaxed, it will result into him/her tightening the anus, rather than keeping it open and relaxed. This will make the penetration tougher and painful. If the person finds it painful, it is important to stop before it leads to further injuries. You can attempt penetration after the person has relaxed or at another time

  • It is important to consider that the anus will not play a role similar to a vagina. The anus will not lubricate itself during sexual arousal. Since the anus does not have a natural lubricant, the penetration could cause pain and injury to the person. So, it is important to use a lubricant. Apply the lubricant over the anus and also on the penis or whichever sex toy is being used for penetration. The lubricant will make the movements smooth, pleasurable and less painful

  • Use water-based lubricants especially made for sex. Do not use any kind of oil which might be kept at home, as they are not sterilised and they may cause infections. Always use a medically sterilised lubricant

  • While having anal sex, after removing the penis from the anus, do not insert the penis inside the vagina right after. The anus consists of various bacteria which are not present in the vagina which could potentially cause vaginal infections

  • Do not put the penis into mouth after anal sex

  • Maintain hygiene and proper cleanliness during anal sex. Trim your finger nails if you want to use hands

  • If the sex becomes painful, discontinue the act immediately and if any kind of bleeding or pain continues, see a doctor immediately

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