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Female condoms as a contraceptive/birth control


What is a Female Condom?

A female condom is a cylindrical shaped, thin pouch made of polyurethane or nitrile. It has two rings at it's two ends. The condom is inserted inside the vagina. The end of the ring towards the cervix is sealed with polyurethane or nitrile, to prevent sperms from entering the cervix. The end protruding out of the vagina is open for the penis to enter. It is suggested to use lubricants along with female condoms (though avoid using petroleum based lubricants; they may tear the condom). 

It is an every time use solution and if you want a child, simply stop wearing the condom.


Effectiveness: 95%

How long does it Last: Lasts only for a single episode of intercourse. It cannot be reused or washed

Cost: Costs INR 15 onwards per piece

Where to Buy: Available in Pharmacy

STD/STI Protection: Not completely

Safe During Pregnancy: Yes

Side Effects: 

  • Irritation to Partner's skin

  • May reduce the stimulation of clitoris and lubrication of vagina, thus reducing pleasure

When to Avoid: 

  • If the partner is allergic to nitrile

  • In case one or both partners have STD/STIs

  • Avoid wearing female condom and male condom together during sex

  • Avoid wearing tampon and female condom together


Incase the condom breaks during sex (this rarely happens), use emergency contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. 

How to use a female condom
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