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Top 9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Part 1

Almost everyone these days finds a person whom they claim to love, but is every relationship a healthy one? Is your relationship a healthy one? Do you think that your partner always supports you in your spiritual, emotional and profession goals? Following are a few excerpts from a toxic relationship.

1) Passive-aggressive gaslighting

The relationship is no more about sweet chit chats or having discussions and making decisions together, instead every other conversation reeks of taunts, sarcasm, hostility, mocking and criticism.

Anjali – So, how did you like the dinner?

Amit – You have been going on and on about making this dinner since the last two weeks, at least you could have put some efforts into it. This is worse than my hostel food. Honesty, we should have just ordered from Swiggy.

2) Stinking of jealousy and manipulation

If your partner is obsessed with your past experiences in relationships, friendships and they start to question the most intricate of details, this may be a sign of a toxic relationship. Further, they manipulate your feelings and decisions such that you feel lowly about your own self.

Amit – What happened, why do you look so pissed off? :/

Anjali – I was scrolling through your WhatsApp chat and I saw that you are still talking to Rhea. Didn’t I tell you not to talk to her and your other ex-girlfriends.

3) Resentment

When you continuously question your choice and decisions regarding your partner, especially, when your partner continuously hurts you.

Anjali – You always prioritise your friends over me. You keep hanging out with your friends, but you are always busy to plan any date night for us. Why did I sign up for this relationship? I seriously made a mistake. ☹

Amit – Why do you keep regretting about being in this relationship?

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