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Oral sex is still a taboo and is one of the least talked about topics while discussing sex. It is extremely intimate and the sensations felt while giving or receiving oral sex are very passionate and exciting.

If you are performing oral sex on your partner, it is exciting to watch your partner enjoy and receive pleasure which they express through their physical expressions, noises or moans. If you are receiving oral sex, it makes you feel desired and wanted by your partner, in addition to the erotic pleasure. It also enhances the emotional connection between you and your partner.

Benefits of Oral Sex

  • The couple builds a strong emotional bond during oral sex. Partners get to understand each other's needs and bodies better

  • Oral sex can be as satisfying as real sex as it mostly leads to orgasm. Women have a higher rate of orgasm with oral sex than penetrative sex

  • It helps in releasing oxytocin which relives the body from stress and pain

  • Oral sex is a good alternative to sex if the couple wants to avoid pregnancy

  • The orgasm leads to better sleep at night

Oral Sex

When to avoid Oral Sex

  • If you or your partner is suffering from an STI

  • If you have a vaginal or penile or throat infection

  • If there are open wounds/cuts/sores/rashes/blisters in the pelvic region or in the mouth

  • If you have recently got a piercing in the pelvic region or on the tongue or lips

  • If the woman is on her periods

  • Oral sex can easily spread diseases like HIV/Herpes, etc

Preparing for Oral Sex

Oral sex is a very intimate act and both the partners need to be comfortable with it both mentally and physically.

  • Allow your partner time to get comfortable with the idea of oral sex, especially if it's their first time

  • Never push your partner to indulge in the activity if they are not interested

  • It's important to discuss the preferences and choices with the partner to know what they enjoy the most

  • Always clean up (wash your genitals) before oral sex

  • Trim or remove the hair before the act. Keeping it clean down their will make it easy for the person giving the oral sex

  • Engage in foreplay before indulging in oral sex. It's important for your partner to be sexually aroused to enjoy oral sex

  • Avoid it very close to periods, as the vagina becomes sensitive

  • Too much of smoking and alcohol alters the taste of bodily fluids to sour/bitter, so avoid these

  • Use a condom or dental dam to avoid spread of STIs

  • Find a position which is comfortable for you and your partner - may be use a pillow or two

  • Use more of tongue and less of teeth down there

  • Experiment with food items like melted chocolate to make the licking more tastier

  • Make some sound to tell your partner that you are enjoying what they are doing

Blowjob/oral sex performed on men

Oral Sex Performed on a Man

Oral Sex for men is also known as Blow Job. The woman generally takes the penis in her mouth and stroke it playfully. Here are some tips to follow while orally pleasing a man:

  • Always ask for his wants and preferences before going down on him. Sometimes your partner might crave a gentler and calmer rhythm, and sometimes, he might prefer the oral sex to be rougher and more playful

  • Do not rush him for an orgasm. Give it time and enjoy the sensational touch. Enjoy the feeling of pleasing your partner and arousing them sexually

  • During a blow job, don’t hesitate to use your hands. Use lubricant or even saliva to make the movement easier

  • You can playfully touch the tip of his penis before oral sex. Make sure you do not use your teeth at any time as it will hurt your partner and it could be very painful

  • Use your tongue along with your mouth. You can also try humming, which is simply keeping the penis in your mouth while you gently hum, creating a vibration which can stimulate the penis

  • While stimulating the penis, don't avoid the balls (testicles). They are more sensitive and sucking them can cause a great deal of pleasure

  • Use props like pillows to get in a comfortable position

  • You can add melted chocolate or whipped cream on his penis and then suck and lick it off completely

Oral Sex Performed on a Woman

Women oral sex is mostly performed on the clitoris which is extremely sensitive to touch. This is one reason why women enjoy oral sex the most. It's easier for women to orgasm during oral sex as compared to penetrative sex. Here are some tips to follow when you go down on her:

  • Always ask for her wants and preferences. Sometimes a woman may like it rough, while other times, she might want a gentle stoke 

  • Start slowly by using both your tongue and fingers to stimulate the clitoris/vagina

  • The more the lubrication, the more enjoyable oral sex will be

  • Women normally experience two to three kind of orgasms: The clitoris orgasm, the orgasm through G spot stimulation (spot inside the vagina which can be stimulated through fingering or penetrative vaginal sex)

  • Partners should not be ashamed of using nonverbal cues like using their hands to guide the partner, to stimulate their genitalia or to use their hands to play with their partner’s genitalia while receiving oral sex

  • Use props like pillows to get in a comfortable position

  • You can add melted chocolate or whipped cream on her vulva and then suck and lick it off completely

  • Using a flavoured lubricant also makes the experience more exciting. The lubricant will also increase the sensation of pleasure

  • Make a humming noise at her genitals, this will create vibration and generate more sensation

  • Do not stop after the woman has experienced her orgasm. Women are capable of orgasming multiple times

Facts about Oral Sex

  • It doesn't cause loss of virginity

  • It doesn't cause pregnancy

  • Oral sex doesn't avoid the spread of STDs/STIs

  • It is not necessarily unhygienic

  • Oral sex is not against nature or religion

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