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Top 9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Part 2

People say you know it when you have met the one right partner. But they never tell you how to identify a partner who is not right, a partner who doesn’t support your dream, who is jealous of your success. As important as it is to find that one right person, it is critical to weed out the toxic relationships. We continue our journey on identifying those “red flags”:

4) Losing out on other significant people in your life

When your partner takes up all of your mental and physical space and doesn’t allow you to meet other significant people in your life – especially friends, family. Toxic partners make sure that you drift apart from your close ones and have nowhere else to go.

Amit – I am planning to meet my school gang tomorrow. Do you want to tag along?

Anjali – Why do you have to meet your school mates. Why do you need them in your life? Am I not enough already? Are you bored of me? If you go, I will stop talking to you.

5) Always walking over eggshells

In an ideal world, you should be looking forward to spending time with your partner. But if you continuously dread that they will try bringing up old and new incidents to degrade and demean you purposely to pick up fights, you should re-think about that relationship.

Anjali – The results came out today. I did not clear the UPSE Mains. ☹

Amit – I told you last year only that you are not smart enough to crack UPSE. Why did you even try to attempt the exam? I was really surprised that you could even clear the preliminary exams.

6) Lack of support

You should reconsider your relationship, if your partner:

- Is jealous of your success

- Blames you for their own failures

- Pulls you down and demotivate you

Anjali – Yayy! I got promoted to senior data scientist!

Amit – Really? Do you even deserve this promotion? Even I could have got this promotion if I had not wasted time that I spent watching game of thrones with you.

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