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Foreplay is an act right before the sexual activity. It helps to build emotional connect and intimacy with your partner. The main objective of foreplay is to prepare for intercourse, and, hence, the focus is on preparing the body and the mind for sexual arousal.

Benefits of Foreplay

It is important to spend time with your partner during foreplay due to various reasons:​

  • It helps to generate a comfortable environment, especially for women. Many women like to engage in kissing, light touching and clitoris play before they engage in intercourse with their partner. 

  • It helps to understand the erogenous zones of your partner

  • It makes sex more enjoyable and fun

  • It provides sufficient sexual arousal for men to ensure proper erection

  • Lubrication is increased during foreplay sessions which makes intercourse smoother and less painful


How to prepare for Foreplay

Foreplay is basically an art of seduction and arousal.

  • It begins with thinking about sexual acts and texting or calling your partner hours before sex and describing erotic acts. It is important to not be timid as talking about sex reduces sexual tension and gets you emotionally closer and more comfortable with your partner

  • Ask your partner about what they like and what turns them on. Make sure that you let them know about your choices and preferences as well. Practicing these learnings during the sexual act to make it more satisfactory

  • The key to keeping the foreplay engaging is to make sure that both the partners enjoy it and are sexually aroused. Maintain a calm state of mind and try not to rush through the foreplay to get to the intercourse

Oral Sex

Ways to Improve Foreplay with your Partner

Foreplay can become exciting by make an efficient use of the five senses: Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Sight

  • Turn down the lights or ignite some candles 

  • Play some romantic music in the background

  • Touch your partner lightly all over their body. Run your fingers lightly through their hair

  • The ear is also an erogenous zone. Rub your finger gently against their ear lobes. Bite the earlobe gently. You can also use feathers or silk to make the touch feel even lighter. Light touches will arouse your partner and it can increase sexual desire

  • Use aromatic scented candles to stimulate the sense of smell

  • You can even use some scented essential oil or a perfume by rubbing it on different parts of your body: like your wrist, the nape of your neck and behind your ear. Fragrance drives sexual desire and it can stimulate your partner. Here’s a fun fact: This is why deodorant commercials portray that fragrance attracts the opposite sex

  • Tease your partner on the lips with strawberries, watermelon or ice. Any food with a distinct aroma which your partner enjoys, like chocolate or flavoured ice-cream, can be used. Tease your partner’s lips and let them salivate for a while and gently remove the item and cast your lips on their lips

  • You can use a blindfold and use touch, smell or taste to tease your partner for longer. Whispering compliments and talking dirty also will turn your partner on. When you desire to take the rhythm faster, you can gently open the blindfold and let your partner make a move. You can also engage in oral sex, using a blindfold to make it more exciting

  • Giving erotic massages to your partner is also a very stimulating method of foreplay. Massage your partner with oil all over their body and slowly massage the erogenous areas of your partner. You can also engage in massaging your partner in the bathroom while bathing together. Use lather to spread it across your partner’s body to stimulate your partner

Facts about Foreplay

  • Both men and women equally desire foreplay

  • It's not the same as oral sex

  • Foreplay requires extra time, effort and creativity

  • Talking dirty doesn't make you cheap

  • Indulging in foreplay is not overrated. It helps build an emotional and sexual connect with your partner

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