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Massage your way to Partnered Pleasure

Amidst our busy schedules filled with strenuous working hours, spontaneous presentations and weekends full of meetings, often affection and efforts take a back seat in a couple’s life. Some partners might even feel a sense of detachment when it comes to sexual intimacy. This is when partnered massages come into the picture. Partnered massages are a great way of reconnecting and fostering an intimate bond with your partner.

These days meaningful conversations have turned into liking each other’s posts on social media and date nights have turned into scrolling on one’s phone. In times like these, couple massages help in creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and allow couples to open up and communicate in a more stimulating form.

5 benefits of a partnered massage :D

Sometimes the excitement and butterflies of being in a relationship get replaced by monotony and boredom. Partnered massages have an array of emotional, mental and physical benefits. In addition to better and open communication, it helps in building a foundation of trust, vulnerability and affection.

  • Deeper connection From being able to openly communicate to being comfortable in the silence, massages help in creating deeper connections. Our minds are often preoccupied with ‘to-do lists’ and uncompleted chores. This might come in the way of the time you spend with your partner and have an impact on your relationship. Partnered massages create a safe space for couples to bond and connect on a deeper level.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress Stress and anxiety can put a strain on relationships. Massages are an effective way to lower stress levels and feel a sense of relief. Massages help in relaxing muscles and promoting a better mind-body connection.

  • Get some quality time Partnered massages help couples in enjoying each other’s presence and feel pampered at the same time. Massages allow you to keep your tensions at bay and focus on spending time with your bae!

  • Spice things up Going to a movie or the same restaurant again and again can only do so much for a relationship. To mix things up, partnered massages can be a great way for couples to explore their relationship.

  • Emotional and physical intimacy Partnered massages can help increase affection towards your partner and create a happy and content atmosphere. In addition to feeling an emotional connection, couples feel a connection on a physical level as well.

Trying out partnered massage can be a bit tricky and intimidating for beginners. While some might not know what to do, others might worry if they are being too harsh on their partners. The important thing to remember is there is nothing awkward or embarrassing about massages. This is a personal experience for you and your partner and will only foster a new level of trust and comfort in your relationship.

Tips on how to give a good massage ;)

  • Communicate about your preferences It is always better to talk about each other’s preferences before getting right to it. While some might enjoy a gentle touch, others might be unsatisfied by it. Communicate about where and how your partner wants to be massaged.

  • Set the right ambience Put on some good tunes, dim the lights and set the ambience for your relaxed date night! Make sure you create a peaceful ambience where you and your partner can de-stress and enjoy some alone time.

  • Add aphrodisiac scents to your list People are driven by smells and aphrodisiac scents are the perfect addition to spice up your love life. Aphrodisiac scents are fragrances that can increase desire and pleasure and accelerate sexual instincts. Such scents can increase arousal and set the right mood for you and your partner.

  • Pick the right massage oil What's a good massage without a great massage oil? Massage oils prevent friction and can be very helpful in relieving stress.

Take the right step towards intimacy

Sometimes spending quality time with your partner and de-stressing can be the best form of self-care. It is always better to beat monotonous routines and mix things up with partnered massages. Whether you like it rough or taking it slow, just remember there are always different strokes for different folks! <3

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