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7 tips to step up your foreplay game and close the OG Gap

Foreplay is a very important aspect of intercourse. It helps to build up the anticipation and makes sure both partners are equally invested in the act. However, people often ignore or forget to add the spice of foreplay therefore end up ruining the whole dish.

Foreplay not only adds the fun element but also helps to fill up the OG gap aka the orgasm gap. Most people are unaware that on an average men last for almost 5 minutes before reaching climax whereas females or people with vaginas can last for almost 17 minutes. The difference of 12 minutes is what the 'OG gap' is all about. Even though both the parties love and need foreplay, it is pretty evident that people with vaginas probably need it more.

One of the main reasons for the OG gap to exist is when the partner uses little to no foreplay or lacks proper knowledge about what their partner wants and likes. Studies show that while cis men can reach orgasm every time during sex, cis women achieve their big 'O' only two-thirds of the time.

Foreplay is important for people with vaginas for not only arousal purposes but also for proper lubrication, else sex can be pretty uncomfortable and painful for them.

So if you and your partner are experiencing an 'OG gap', it's time to understand what your partner needs and step up your foreplay game.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can try:

  • ‌Keep it slow and build the anticipation

  • ‌Create a comfortable space-use music and candles

  • ‌Don't shy away from sex toys, incorporating them can be a great idea

  • ‌Explore each other's erogenous zones

  • ‌Don't be afraid to ask questions

  • ‌ Add BDSM to the list if your partner is comfortable

  • ‌Learn to not overdo foreplay- very important!

Make sure to not pressure your partner into anything. The key to have a great foreplay experience is to communicate comfortably with your partner and enhancing your sex education. The OG gap does exist and with the key of foreplay, we can definitely close that door.


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