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Almost every man is fascinated by the idea of G-spots, some are skeptical of it and some hide behind the lie that it doesn’t exist. After the age old debate of the female G-spot and the wonders it stores, it’s time we discuss the male G-spot.

Unlike women, the Grafenberg spot or G-spot in men is not too hard to find. It is positioned in the prostate gland between the penis and the bladder, just a few inches inside the rectum. The G-spot is a bundle of nerve endings inside the hip region. Certain products like strap-ons and prostate massagers are used to stimulate prostate orgasm in men. While G-spot can bring in a whole new gamut of sexual pleasures, often straight men are too nervous to explore it.

So, do heterosexual men not enjoy intensified sexual pleasure? Oh, they do! It’s just the path towards this sexual excitement that terrifies them. The male G-spot can be experienced only through anal sexual intercourse, which is one of the reasons why men are often hesitant towards it. While the idea of being penetrated from the backside can be a homosexual man’s cup of tea, it is too farfetched for an average straight man. Touching the prostate is generally stigmatised as an indecipherable act by heterosexual men who consider it to be an activity that only homosexuals can enjoy.

It is high time we destigmatize this mindset and question the insecurity and self-consciousness attributed with anal sex in men. Exploring one’s own body and experiencing a new sex act will not alter a man’s sexuality or make them any less straight. A change of dynamics can also accelerate the excitement associated with it.

To all the men (and women) out there, don’t be afraid to try out new ways of attaining sexual satisfaction. As long as you are confident in your skin, your sexuality is safe with you irrespective of what you try inside the bedroom.

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