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14 things you should not say to a woman during periods!!!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Although periods aren’t exactly the most exciting time of the month, they become a little extra unbearable when people make those STUPID SIDE COMMENTS. In fact, most of the time those are offensive and in bad taste. Like, isn’t the woman going through enough already! Just give her a break and DO NOT MAKE HER UNCOMFORTABLE. Following are the list of things you never say to her.

Right from my childhood, I remember my mother telling me what not to do or say. Driven by taboos, shame and stigma; periods were a wholly terrifying experience during those days. Do we really want to say these to our daughters?

1. Do not go to the temple during periods

2. Do not keep fasts during periods

3. Keep your voice hushed, do not tell your dad and brothers that you are on periods

4. Stay away from the kitchen during your periods

Although things slightly improved when I started my college, but I started experiencing a whole new segment of comments. And I realised friends and especially boys, treating you differently and checking if you are on your periods, whenever you overreact.

5. You look tired, are you on periods

6. You look fat, is it because of bloating

7. Oh, so you are on periods! Well, this explains the past few days

8. I’ll ignore what you just said since you’re down

9. Talk to me when your periods get over

10. Are you just hungry or are you on periods?

Well, post my college and well into my first job, I never realized that periods could be a hot topic of conversation and for preferring male colleagues ahead of me.

11. Are you on your periods? Let Rahul give this presentation to the clients

12. Oh, you won’t be coming in today. Can’t you take a painkiller tablet and make it to work

13. It’s only periods, there is no need to take a full day off

14. Are you sure you can visit the client site today? What if you start PMSing

15. Weren’t you on your periods just last week?

Take care of your female friends, colleagues, partner during periods. Just ignore even if you feel she is OVARYACTING. There is honestly a big bunch of hormones floating around and you never know what might be offensive.

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