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Safe Sex Guide for LGBTQ+ Members

Have you've ever wondered if the definition of sex is somewhat different for queer people than it is for their allies? Unfortunately, there isn't a lot or any representation of sex for LGBTQIA+ folks, so it's only natural if you haven't wondered anything yet.

Let's talk about some safe sex practices for LGBTQIA+ folks.

Before we get to talk about sex as we know it, make sure you know and understand your own body. Luckily Elio had Oliver but no one can come and introduce you to the world of unknown pleasure. You gotta learn that yourself. Indulge in solo sessions, erotic dancing, masturbation, and self-massage to get to know your body better.

Now that you've explored your body and are all set to share it with your partner, keep these important practices in mind before you get going. 1. Know about the Pregnancy Risk What we are generally taught is that a man and a woman make a baby together. Naturally, we need sperm and egg to fertilize together to make a baby. What matters is body autonomy, not the sexual orientation. People assigned female at birth and taking testosterone may still be able to conceive, unless told by the doctor otherwise. Hence it is important to make sure to visit your doctor to clear the air and use the contraception prescribed by them.

2. No one is Immune to STIs People of every sexuality can get STIs. Make sure to know your STI status and get tested after involving a new partner, for both your and other people’s safety. Use condoms or other barrier methods. Whether if it's for penetrative vaginal/ anal sex or oral sex, make sure to use a physical barrier such as an external condom, fendom (vaginal condom), dental dam or sterile gloves.

3. Let’s Talk about being Handsy Exploring your partner with your hands can be a great experience but it is important to keep precautions as well. Wash your hands before and after touching your partner to avoid any transmission of infections. Please don’t get your nails done if you don’t plan to keep your hands to yourself. You can wear sterile gloves to protect each other from infections. 4. What about the Foreplay? Sex without foreplay is like having Chai without Parle-G. Dry humping, kissing and grinding can be enjoyed by anyone. However in case of body fluid exchange, even this harmless activity can cause bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. Hence take care and wash up.

5. How to go down the right way? Oral sex is fun and can give toe curling orgasms to the receiver. But a number of STIs can be transmitted through oral play. Before starting, keep the external condoms and dental dams ready. Also, do not continue if you have any cuts, sores in your mouth or witness the same on the receiver's genitalia, consider it as a red light.

6. How to have Safe penetrative sex? News flash: Penetrative sex is not just a penis inside a vagina. Fisting, fingering, strap-ons, pegging, anal beads, butt plugs, prostrate stimulators, vibrators, dildos and what not!! Penetrative sex can be experienced by people in many amazing ways. Make sure to wear a condom and use clean sex toys to avoid any STI transmission. Clean the toys after use as well to avoid any build up of germs. Also, add lubes to the list for a smoother experience.

7. Take Consent Don’t forget to pop the question before going ahead. Ask them before initiating any sexual activity or before trying something new. Even when your partner seems to be giving non-verbal consent, ask again. If you feel you folks are under the influence of alcohol, either avoid the sexual activity completely (when spontaneous). Or talk to your partner how far they wish to go under the influence of alcohol.

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