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Don't Let STI Ruin Your Relationship!!

Its been only 2 weeks since I tested positive for HPV (an incurable STD). None of my family bothered checking about my health, but only about how did I get it. How many guys did I date these past 2-3 years? Did I sleep with strangers? In fact, one of my uncles boldly proclaimed that “Only Sex Workers have STDs”.

Shame! Stigma! Guilt! “Log Kya Kahenge!” No, one checked with me on how am I feeling, did I take medicines on time, if I needed therapy or counselling. On top of it, they forbade me to tell Varun until after the marriage. I had met Varun 6 months back and we felt so sure about each other that we decided to get married. We hadn’t yet had sex, so I was sure that Varun was safe.

My relatives were so sure that no one would marry a HPV positive girl, they ordered me to lie and not tell Varun about my health. But, I couldn't keep him in the dark and start our new life on the basis of a lie. I decided to message him - "I am HPV positive. I don't think we should continue this relationship anymore. I am sorry!". I was prepared that marriage was over.

Two weeks passed by, He didn't call or message me. I cried and cried. My mental health was in shatters. One evening, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Abhishek, down on his knees, with a ring in his hand. I couldn't believe my eyes and there were tears. How could he still want to marry me? He got up and hugged me and came inside. He told me that he has been busy researching the disease since the last two weeks and how could we still live a healthy life. He met few doctors and patients of HPV as well to understand the disease better. He told me that he doesn't care about my past and future is all that matters because he loves me.

He asked me - "Ayesha, would you ever leave me if I become sick some day?. I cried and said- "No". He said - "I have already made you my wife in my head and heart and I can't feel the same way for anyone else. I don't want to spend this life with anyone else. HPV won't change our daily lives, just some extra caution is needed". I stood there, just crying and simultaneously being thankful to have found him.

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