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Why CONDOM is the most efficient contraceptive??

There exist 4 kinds of birth control methods, namely behavioural (natural), barrier, hormonal and surgical methods. And yet, Condom is the best contraception everrrr..... We’ll enlist the reasons for so, as to how the barrier method, mainly the

male condoms, of all four is the most effective and efficient as compared to others.

  • Cheapest and easy availability It is an undisputed fact that a single condom on an average costs about ₹ 5-6 merely, which is the cheapest and most affordable contraceptive method available worldwide. Sometimes it is available for free or at subsidised rates at the government dispensaries and hospitals too. The easy availability of a condom at all local chemist shops is a great plus in its favour too. It is the only form of contraceptive that is as widely distributed and available locally which makes it easy for one to purchase it anywhere anytime.

  • Compact size The packaging of a condom is such that it can be easily slipped into a corner pocket of your wallet or handbag, its that small and handy. The condom is rolled into a ring like shape so as to fit in a roughly 2 inch square packet which is easy to carry and take out when needed. Its so thin and small, that it is almost unnoticeable. Also, its easily disposable.

  • STD Protection All other methods of contraception may be effective at preventing pregnancy but none of them protects the couple from sexually transmitted diseases, which may be carried by either of the partners, when having vaginal, anal or oral intercourse.

  • Prevents Pregnancy The male condom is effective at preventing pregnancy as it prevents the sperms from getting in contact with the egg and thus prevents fertilisation. However, one should make sure that it is used correctly and only water-based lubricants are used along with it for extra lubrication, if required, as the oil-based lubricants may damage the condom and result in failure.

  • No side-effects The behavioural methods have a high probability that because of passion and spontaneity, one may fail at effectively withdrawing before ejaculation or abstaining from sexual intercourse completely, it may result in an unplanned pregnancy. The hormonal methods such as pills, patch, shot or the IUDs end up changing the normal balance of the woman’s body, which may disturb the menstrual cycle or overall health because of change in hormonal levels or the pH level of the intrauterine canal. Also, the sterilisation methods have a drawback in the sense that the person might never be able to have children again if wanted. However, a condom has no side effects as such except for if any of the partners has an allergy to latex or polyurethane, which is very rare.

  • One can stop using a condom anytime and conceive a child without having to wait for the hormones to normalize as when using hormonal methods of contraception.

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