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What is “Holistic Sex Education” all about??

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

What does SexEd include?
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Even though Sex Education should be a mainstream and mandatory subject in schools, the stigma attached to the word “SEX” has pushed this topic out of school curriculum. But is Sex Education only about Sex? And, why are we so apprehensive and uncomfortable while talking about it?

The questions that we focus on are –

  • “Will Sex Education lead of early Sexual Debut?”

  • “Is Sex Education only focused on doing the sexual act?”

  • “Is Sex Education equal to learning about Condoms?”

Rather, we should be asking ourselves the following questions-

  • “What is included in a Holistic and Comprehensive Sex Education Course?”

  • “Why is Sex Education so important?”

  • “How should we help our children become responsible and healthy citizens?”.

So, before even talking about pros and cons of Sex Education, let’s just define it and be aware of what Sex Ed includes:

  1. Health and Hygiene – helps maintain sexual health and hygiene

  2. Puberty – helps teens navigate through the tough phases of Puberty (including periods and wet dreams)

  3. Positive Body Image – helps propagate ideas on positive body image

  4. Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancies – spreads awareness on different methods of contraception and correct usage

  5. Safe Practices – spreads awareness safe sex practices to prevent spread of STDs, STIs

  6. Consent – teaches the concept of consent

  7. Prevent Child Abuse – spreads awareness on good touch and bad touch to prevent child abuse

  8. Report Sexual Abuse – spreads awareness on seeking legal support to report issues

  9. Sexuality – helps in identifying sexuality and accepting it

  10. Pregnancy – helps in understanding the bodily changes and how to navigate through this challenging phase

The jury is out and about!

Let us know your opinions on the topic in comments.

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