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Sex During Menstruation: Benefits and FAQs

People are often very skeptical about having sex during menstruation. A lot of questions such as ‘Is it good or bad’, ‘Should I do it’, ‘Is it normal’, ‘Can I get pregnant?’ and many more often keep popping up in people’s minds. Well, we will not only answer these questions, but will also tell you the benefits of having period sex. So, let’s dive deeper.

Is it good or bad to have sex during menstruation?

If you think of period sex as something ‘gross’, ‘unhygienic’ or ‘against the culture’, you may not feel very positive about it. Hence, the bad feeling. However, there is nothing wrong about having sex during period. In fact, vaginal sex during menstruation can be healthy. You can always discuss it with your partner before trying. And yes, if you still don’t feel comfortable then don’t do it.

Can You Get Pregnant if you have Sex during Menstruation?

Yes, that is possible. I’m sorry to burst this bubble but there is no “safe” time to have sex without any contraception. Even though you are considered least fertile during menstruation, chances are that you may still conceive. The sperm can last for up to 5 days if it makes it into the vagina. In case if you happen to start ovulating earlier in your next cycle, guess what the sperm just hanging around in your body may do next? So, it is always great to use contraception.

Can you get an STI if you have sex while menstruating?

Yes. Unprotected vaginal sex can cause yeast infections. If you plan to have unprotected vaginal sex with someone on their period & they have an STI (Sexually transmitted infection), chances are you may contact it through the infected blood. But let me burst the bubble, period blood unless infected with an STI virus, is not infectious. So, don’t forget to use a male or a female condom especially while having period sex with an untested partner.

Is having sex during menstruation normal?

Many people with vaginas feel a higher sex drive while menstruating. Hence, if you decide to go for vaginal sex during menstruation, there is nothing wrong with that and yes, you are completely normal.

Are there any side effects of having sex during menstruation?

The only side effect is that it can feel a bit messy for some people. To avoid the mess you can either try shower sex or maybe have period sex on the later days of the cycle, when the blood flow is pretty low.

Benefits of Having Vaginal Sex during Menstruation

Having sex during period can be healthy and has a few advantages:

01- Relieves Menstrual Cramps: Orgasms help to relieve menstrual cramps. Sexual activity also triggers release of endorphins (happy hormones) , taking your mind off the pain and making you feel good. It also reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

02- Relieves Headaches: A number of people often get headaches or migraines during their period. Many people who have tried sex during menstruation have said that it partially or completely relieves them from the pain.

03- Natural Lubricant: Your period blood acts as a natural lubricant during sex. Hence the experience can be completely discomfort free.

04- Shorter Period Cycle: The uterine contractions during an orgasm help to push out the contents in the uterus faster. This often makes the period cycle shorter. So, pleasure, orgasm and a shorter period…seems like something to think about. *wink Takeaway:

Everyone has a unique perception towards period sex. However considering it ‘dirty’ might not be the right thing. Yes, period sex can be messy. But as long as both the partners are comfortable, there is no reason to avoid sex during menstruation.

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