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My Journey from Bachelors Trip at Thailand to Herpes (STI) - Part 1

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Thailand it was, we were going to Thailand for my bachelor party, just us boys- Rachit,

Nishant, Gaurav and me. We all had never went to any foreign country before so we were

quite excited. So much was planned - parties, booze, sightseeing, and of course spa. The first three days were utter fun and we all were having the time of our lives. On the fourth day, by the evening Gaurav was heavily drunk and so was I. Nishant was on 4 beers while Rachit kept sober. We were club hopping when we entered this very dark and obscure nightclub called ‘Lip Smack’. Upon going inside we understood that it was no ordinary club, it was a strip club where waitresses pole danced as well. Rachit immediately said that we should get out of there before something unpleasant happened but Gaurav dragged us to sit on one of the couches and insisted that we stay there. Nishant pointed out that we had come here to have fun and Rachit shouldn’t be giving a sermon now. We had all left our phones in our hotel room and therefore there was no chance that anyone could record what others were doing.

Nishant and Gaurav walked away to order drinks for us and Rachit tried to convince me to

leave that place for the sake of Shivani- my fiancée. He feared that watching scantily dressed

women I was kind of cheating on her. I laughed it off and told him to chill. Nishant came

back and as he crashed beside me, he smirked when he told me that they had a surprise for


Just moments later, a waitress dressed in low-cut blouse and a micro frilled skirt with a

feather boa wrapped on her shoulders came and stood in front of me, smiling flirtatiously.

Next she started giving me a sensual lap dance and I had got turned on. It was maybe evident on my face, that she took me by my collar and took me to a room at the back. I was really drunk to remember what had happened there the next day when I woke up. We had a flight to catch in the afternoon, so I didn’t brainstorm about it. After all, we had decided whatever happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand.

Shivani and I got married two days later. We went for our honeymoon a week later. It was the

best time of my life, suddenly everything had changed, positively. Shivani and I were mad in

love, and our married life was going better than we had expected. It was almost like driving a Ferrari on a freeway, no speed breakers and no traffic signals.

One morning, Shivani told me that she was having painful urination for the past few days and

it was getting unbearable for her as she was feeling inflammation near her private parts. We

both thought it must be a regular UTI and decided to visit a doctor the next day. But by the

next day, little blisters started appearing there and we immediately rushed to the doctor. She prescribed some medicines and asked us to get some tests done.

When the reports came after 2 days, all tests were negative, except for one – Herpes simplex. (to be continued)


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