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Multiple childbirth is the process where the mother gives birth to more than 1 child during the same pregnancy, i.e., she simultaneously carries more than 1 foetus in her uterus during the term of pregnancy.

Twins = 2 children | Triplets = 3 children | Quadruplets = 4 children 


Multiple childbirth usually takes place before the mother completes the full-term of the pregnancy i.e., approximately 2 weeks before completing 9 months of pregnancy. 

However, the method of childbirth or delivery is decided between Normal Vaginal Delivery and Caesarean Section Delivery, based on the positioning of the child inside the uterus of the mother. Multiple childbirth demands constant and close monitoring by the OB/ GYN.


*Statics state that about 1/3rd of twin deliveries are carried out through Vaginal method of delivery. 



Below are the 3 main types of Twins. Similar patterns are followed for triplets and quadruplets.



Types of Twin

Type 1 

  • Presence of two placentas and two amniotic sacs. 

  • This is the optimal twin pregnancy as each twin has their own protective membrane and source of nutrients.

Type 2 

  • Presence of one placenta and two amniotic sacs.

  • This occurs in the case of identical twins.

  • Here, the children will be genetically identical to each other. 

  • But there is also risk of transmission of diseases from one twin to the other due to the sharing of the placenta. 


Type 3 

  • Presence of one placenta and one amniotic sac.

  • This is the rarest type of twin pregnancy. 

  • Concerns can arise due to tangling of the umbilical cords. 

  • This pregnancy will require the closest monitoring by the OB/GYN.

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