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Who are we?

Coitopedia is a team of management professionals, doctors, medical experts and passionate individuals driven to change the state of sex education. We believe sex education is a basic right of every human and it helps them transform into mature, sensible, well informed and responsible adults. Coitopedia is a one stop solution for all things related to sex education.
We provide medically accurate and easily understandable information regarding sex, sexual hygiene, contraception, safe sex practices, sexual abuse, pregnancy, puberty, reproduction and a myriad of other topics.

Our Vision

We envision a gender neutral society. A gender neutral society empowers all humans irrespective of their gender, biases and social constructs. This can only be achieved by removing the stigma around sex education, across age, literacy and cultural spectrums. 

Our Mission

  • To provide accessible, easy to understand and medically accurate content regarding all topics under sexual education

  • To raise awareness and remove the taboo surrounding sex and sexual education

  • To build the foundation for raising responsible & socially inclusive citizens, who believe in gender neutrality

  • To raise awareness and facilitate a dialogue on sexual violence and sexual abuse, including legal & emotional support 


Classroom sex education content for group learning

A group learning module that teaches age-appropriate and medically accurate information to school students via a hybrid model

Infograpgics & easy-to-understand sex education content

An extensive library of curated content across audio, video and text that is easy to understand, presented through the website

Private live chats and personalised medical advice on sexual wellness

Personalised advice and recommendations though queries, live chats and discussion forums

Age appropriate parental guide on sex education, to teach kids

Age-appropriate guidebooks for parents to explain content to their children



This is an amazing initiative. Especially since people do not discuss about sex and related topics openly, which leads to teenagers falling prey to harmful advice and activities.

Megha Jain


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